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Web Designing

  • 5 GB Hosting
  • 1 Domain .com
  • 5 Pages
  • Contact Form and other forms
  • Graphics Minimalistic, Professional
  • CPanel included

Rs. 20000/ up

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Software Development

  • Customized UIuser preferred
  • Managerial Reports included
  • Online Access includedl
  • User Accountsuser access management
  • 10 GB+ hosting
  • CPanel incluido

Rs. 15000/ up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now it sounds easy to say we brand and just stop but when it comes to branding there are numerous auxiliary services we provide. All the way from creating unique brand identities to rebranding and relaunching products with fresh new faces to all forms of other advertising and promotions, we provide an all-inclusive service, combining the efforts of an extremely creative task force.

We are all believers at Accseed. We believe that a significant portion of a brand’s success depend on the ‘attraction’ element. Therefore, all our strategy planning, research, advertising and content is directed towards creating attention-grabbing brands.

Although we like to call ourselves a branding and consultancy agency, we ourselves have realized one simple thing; Accseed is something much more.
Say you are someone tired of working under other people and decide to start your own thing. Now what would you want to do? Sell your product (obviously) and perhaps try to do it better than your previous employers.

If you are to sell your product, what would you need? A quality product? Well, yes. That’s one part of it, but given how the modern world runs, would that be enough? We would say ‘no’.

This is where the “Brand” assumes vital importance. Why we believe in a brand is due to several significant reasons; it speaks the story of your product, it expresses your identity to your target market, it attracts attention of your customers, it reserves your own spot in the competitive market. We at Accseed believe that you deserve to have your story told which is why we brand and help you along your journey.
To us, a brand is like a person; with a name and identity. Just like you and I are different, each brand is different. Just like you are unique, each brand is unique. Just like you have your story, a brand should also have a story to tell. But the visual part of it is a small fraction of its personality.

Let’s break it down - Branding is perhaps one of those terms, quite literally used by a lot of people nowadays. However, here is how we look at it.